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You are one of our part for the welfare of Indonesian Dairy Farmers.

Investment of Selected Dairy Cow With Calty

Calty Farm has the Best Dairy Cow from different regions of Java. Calty Farm seeks to collaborate with the Baturraden Center for Superior Livestock and Animal Feed to develop certified cattle.

Friesian Holstein Cow (F2)

380 Kilogram

± 20 Litre of Milk / Day

Investment in Calty

From farm that has been running for more than 4 years

Calty Farm together with Bank Liran fostering dairy farmers on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Initially a community social project consisting of several veterinarians of Universitas Gajah Mada wanted to ressurect dairy farming after the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010.

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How to Invest Livestock in Calty?

Choose your prefered cattle

Browse all our choice cattle. Choose the right one according to the budget and expected return that interests you most.

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Monitor Your Livestock Development

Get updated photos and health listings from out credible veterinary in the field in real time at the Livestock Monitoring feature. You can also monitor your farm animals in the field directly.

We Sell Livestock Products

All products will be sold to the Calty Farm's partners. The following are some of our partners.

Get The Profit Sharing

We will summarize all sales results in complete financial statements, and prepared to enjoy your impactful investment result.

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Other Investment in Calty Farm

We also offer investors to choose investments in several lines of Calty business

Cattle Cage Investment
Dairy Farm

Milk Processing
and Other Milk By Products

Green Lands
Cattle Foods

Farm House
Farm Tourism Spot

Qurban Animals
Cows and Goats

Calty Corner
Cafe and Restaurants

Your cattle are in the right hands

Currently Calty Farm has more than 51 veterinarian and the best veterinarian in training all over Indonesia. Veterinarians at Calty Farm are experienced and competent in handling dairy cows. We also always consult with animal health experts under our partnership.

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Handling 300+ livestocks

4 tahun di cattle farming

Experts in Insemination and Reproduction

drh. Denok Asih Triranti

Veterinarian - Head of the Calty Farms

Gets Maximum Protection

We are working with Jasindo (Indonesian Insurance Services) to succeed in Cattle Livestock Insurance initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. Investors may choose to use the insurance option or not.

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Years of experience in cattle farming management


Cows we've been handling and keeps growing every month


Litre of milk has been ordered by our client for their product each month.