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Calty Farm provides the best solution for your investment

You can invest in the field of farming and also feel how to own and manage a farm without having to have a barn, ability, and market access

" Impactful Investment in Calty Farm "

Cattle lodging house will be the solution for you who want to do impactful investment to the environment. You will get a profit while helping improve the welfare of the breeders.

Nico Setyo

Calty Founder

Vision and Mission

Calty Farm empowers Indonesian farmers who are strong and self-sufficient towards Indonesian self-sufficiency in milk.

Calty Farm develops an integrated one-door livestock industry management based on self-help and mutual help. Calty Farm organizes effective and efficient farms based on environment and culture

What is Calty Farm?

"Kost-Kostan Ternak" (Calty Farm) is an online breeding application that allows users to breed online through a mobile application, without having to have land, skills, and time to care for livestock in the form of dairy cows and the results of milking will be accommodated by the milk processing industry. Calty Farm partnering with farmers / breeders and Center of People's Farming and then connects them to livestock investors.


IDEAFEST 2015, 2016

AYSPP 2015

1000 Startup Digital
Best 5 Startup

Our Journey


We developed "Kost-Kostan Ternak" digitally. We are included in 1000 digital start-ups from the Ministry of Communication and Information in collaboration with UGM in an innovative Academy forum


Kostan Kostan Ternak cooperate with Center of People's Farming (SPR) of Lembu Barokah, Tegal Regency. We develop local breeding cattle with Peranakan Ongole (PO, Ongole Breed) type. We help SPR Lembu Barokah develop an integrated farming area.


We become One of the IdeaFest Finalists which is a socioprenur competition with the theme of Shift(Think). We are the only finalist from Yogyakarta.


Calty Farm formerly called Bank Liran (Bank Waste Urine and Dirt) is an 2015 Ideafest semi-finalist with the theme of Creativity With Purpose. In August that same year qualified as semi finalist in ASEAN Young Social Preneurs Program (AYSPP) 2015. Initially Bank Liran is a socio-prenurship project with dairy farmers on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta. At that time only one group of livestock that we built about 20 people with the population of livestock about 55 units.

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